ip multicast player

Story Teller

WiFi Player

  • WiFi based wireless audio transmitter
  • Ethernet port
  • 100ft range from WiFi source
  • Mic pre-amp
  • Works with JOYHERTZ Story Teller speaker 
  • 2 live channels 
  • USB, BT, FM, AUX support

Story Teller Player is a wireless + Ethernet capable network IP player that works  in your local network. Player have two different audio live channels that works independently and can select individual audio input. It works with JOYHERTZ Story Teller speaker, The audio and commands transmitted by the Player in the network and Story Teller speakers capture the data and commands. The settings can be easily modify using inbuilt web-based configuration. Story Teller Player is ideal for school & collage campus, factory, office, amusement park, restaurants, temples, auditoriums, audio-video rooms, spots complex, gym, mall, dance academy, public transport stations, halls, home audio and may more.


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 No need to worry about wiring, impedance matching, power distribution. It works on 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency range.

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100ft Range

From WiFi source to Story Teller Player, distance can get upto 100ft line of site.

web page

Web server

Start / stop audio transmission and easy settings modification using web-based inbuilt server. WiFi credentials, zones, software volume, factory Reset, OTA Updates and many more modifications can be made.


Dual Live Audio Channel

Announce a story on one channel and let others enjoy music on second channel without disturbing work. Give energetic, motivation music to production team and simultaneously creative, calm music to sales, R&D and marketing team.

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Power To Select

Select all, zones or individuals story Tellers according to your need. Chose the speakers that you want to use in a specific channel. Make announcement the room/area to those people who needed to be informed.

cloud access

Access Controls From Anywhere

Can be easily access the story Teller Player & Speaker using access credentials from local network. It’s protected by user name and password. For making change in live channel and settings, login is required.

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Smart Synchronise Intelligence

Story Teller can detect data packet loss, delay and interference. It adept according situation and make adjustment to sync the audio so all Story Tellers can tell story together.

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Low latency Audio

Story Teller Player can adjust audio delay according your need. We can set delay between 50ms to 1200ms. Higher the delay, better the performance. Lower the delay quicker the response.

Multicast icon

Multicast Protocol

Data transmission is done by Multicast protocol. It use significantly less bandwidth of network.

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Free Software Updates

OTA software updates.

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High Fidelity Audio Transmission 

16 Bit 48KHz High resolution audio transmission.

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LCD Display

Get information on LCD display about audio input, IP address, Live status, Access point, Reset and much more.

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Audio Player

Story Teller Player comes with Bluetooth, USB, FM player with IR remote. It allows you get audio from many ways.

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AUX In + Out

Access your existing audio system using AUX output and give Story Teller Player an AUX audio input.


  • Model Number: STWP01
  • Model Name: Story Teller Player
  • Input Power: 12V 2A DC
  • Type: Network IP Player
  • Audio input frequency: 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Audio inputs: BT | USB | FM | AUX | RC
  • LCD: 16X2 LCD
  • Click Switch: 4 Switches
  • WiFi audio format: 16bit PCM
  • WiFi audio sample rate: 8KHz to 48KHz
  • Color: Black
  • L X B X H: 18 X 18 X 8 cm
  • Weight: 0.6Kg